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Divorce and Credit | Experian – Protect Your Good Credit. You are responsible for joint accounts – from credit cards and car loans to home mortgages. Even when a divorce judge orders your ex-spouse to pay a certain bill, you’re still legally responsible for making sure it is paid because you promised – both as a couple and as individuals – to do so.

My Ex Isn't Paying The Mortgage! How to Remove a Name from a Mortgage Without Refinancing – How to Remove a Name from a Mortgage Without Refinancing Contact your lender. Removing a name from a joint mortgage is not a typical request, Provide your lender with your personal financial information. Use your credit report. Your credit report is a good source of proof of your ability to.

How Do I Remove My Ex-Spouse From My Mortgage? – The best way to remove your spouse from your mortgage is to simply refinance your home loan. This will allow you to keep your house after the divorce and simplify your life by taking your spouse’s name off the mortgage loan.

My husband passed away and our mortgage is in – Q&A – Avvo – My husband passed away and our mortgage is in both our names. Can I have the mortgage company remove his name with a death cert My husband passed away in May 2011 of a health problem due to alcohol and pill addiction.

For married couples, a joint mortgage is usually how they purchase a home.If a divorce occurs or a cosigner has to be a part of the loan to get it approved, there may be instances where needing to remove a name from a joint mortgage becomes necessary.

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Refinance the mortgage after divorce – The other party then moves elsewhere. A remaining issue when this is the case is that the mortgage has to be refinance to remove the other spouse from the mortgage. This is important for many.

Getting a Divorce? Removing Spouse's Name from Mortgage Loan. – Filing a Quitclaim Deed. Since your new mortgage loan replaces the old one, your spouse’s name is automatically removed from the mortgage; but refinancing does not remove his or her name from the mortgage deed. A quitclaim deed transfers property ownership between parties, and by signing this document, your spouse give up any rights to the property.

2nd mortgage loan requirements Loan to Value Requirements for a 2nd Mortgage – Loan to Value Requirements for a 2nd mortgage. loan to Value is an important financial term also known as LTV. With 2nd mortgages most banks will use the term, Total Loan to Value or TLTV because it is considering both liens against the appraised value of your house. Some lenders will call this Combined Loan to Value or CLTV.

How to Remove a Name from a Mortgage Without Refinancing – How to Remove a Name from a Mortgage Without Refinancing Method 1 Getting the Lender to Agree to Remove a Name From a Joint Mortgage. Contact your lender. Method 2 Enlisting a Co-Signer to Add to the Mortgage. Recruit a co-signer for your mortgage loan. method 3 Filing for Bankruptcy. Evaluate.